• SIP Trunking

    Connect your IP PBX to iblueCall network

SIP Trunking

Ideal for intensive users with a high voice consumption

If you are looking to reduce costs and maintain the quality of the calls, a SIP trunk is the perfect complement or alternative to expand the existing lines. In this case, the provided lines are not physical cables, but a service provided over the Internet. All you need is an IP PBX (or IP adapter if the PBX is analog) and a dimensioned Internet connection.

For those companies that need to maintain their physical PBX but need to benefit from IP telephony, iblueCall offers the SIP trunk to access call termination service with unlimited capacity in terms of simultaneous channels, just as many as your  the bandwidth of your current Internet connection is able to support. 

Configure your  IP PBX to make and receive calls through our SIP Trunk and benefit of our low prices and best quality of service.


  • Neither channels limitation nor additional costs. Just pay for voice consumption

  • Ideal for Call Centers seeking for cost savings

  • International numbers available from over 50 countries

  • Turn-key solutions for every customer´s requirements

  • Link your current PBX with iblueCall network to benefit of best prices for calls to A-Z international destinations

  • Ibluecall routes all calls through major Tier-1 global carriers so that we can offer HQ audion to all destinations

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