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    Enjoy of IP telephony benefits off-shore.
    HD conversations as if you were in your usual office.
    Commercial and technical support specialized in maritime connectivity.
    Great experience in satellite connectivity.
    Customized global rates.
    Live call records control.
    And much more…

Main Features

The iblueCall telephony platform has been developed with the main objective of improving the efficiency of the bandwidth required by maritime communications or when using limited and high cost links such as satellite.

Nowadays, iblueCall is offering high quality voice services for hundreds of vessels that connect to the Internet through main satellite providers.
We have implemented a number of specific QOS to avoid the typical special conditions of satellite TV that can interfere with quality communication: delay, jitter, …
The iblueCall platform results in 100% satisfaction among its customers within the satellite connectivity industry.
There is a possibility to use a new protocol called NOP, which has been developed with the support of ESA and its international partners, as an alternative to SIP. We advise this solution for customers who have intensive simultaneous voice traffic.
This new protocol provides a considerable improvement over SIP and H323, by reducing overloading in the transmitted packets. NOP requires only about half the bandwidth compared to the other two main protocols when multiple calls are transmitted simultaneously through a voice link. The most important fact is that the quality of service remains the same.

  • HD Audio codecs

    High quality voice over satellite links, achieved after developing new techniques for the treatment and prioritizing voice packages that ensure the special conditions of the satellites will not be a problem while communicating.

  • Multiple providers

    Voice gateways with local PSTN located in major teleports with direct access to major fiber routes.

  • Industry expertise

    Years of experience in providing satellite data connectivity, including mobile offshore units.

  • Qualified staff

    Highly qualified technical and commercial staff, so we can provide an effective and rapid response.

  • Added value

    The Internet service providers globally are now able to offer voice as an additional value added service.

  • Billing

    Give a try to our billing platform and see how easy it is to have full control of all consumption of all devices.

Global scheme

Global scheme showing a conversation via satellite between a vessel at sea and a user in shore

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